LEGACY bringing back BOSS BOOTCAMP 2018

Brain, Brawn or the ultimate challenge Both!

Team Building, Networking, Fundraising for one of the oldest charities in Australia, whilst having fun

Due to popular demand the date has been changed to Friday, 19 October 2018

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Take part in boss bootcamp

There are all sorts of bosses: CEOs, Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Coaches, Teachers, and Principals.
In fact, every business and industry has a range of bosses and all are eligible to take part in Boss Bootcamp!

Think of Boss Bootcamp as just like a walkathon, a readathon, or a shave where you sponsor or dare someone to do something and - if they do it - you pay a donation to charity.

In this case the employees/members from various corporations, industries, businesses, schools, and clubs are challenging their CEOs/Bosses/Supervisors/Teachers to participate in a military inspired obstacle course (BRAWN), or you can opt to sign them up to our (BRAINS) challenge, or sign them up for a little bit of both!

Raising money for charity, for Legacy!

The benefits to the Boss participating in Boss Bootcamp are it:
  • Provides networking opportunities with like-minded individuals
  • Facilitates staff team building and working together towards one goal
  • Promotes the businesses or organisations social benevolence
  • Taps into boss’s psyche and competitive nature
  • Improves mental and physical fitness
  • Public recognition and personal satisfaction for supporting an organisation with an outstanding reputation in caring for the families of ADF personnel since 1923
The benefits to the Staff/students participating in Boss Bootcamp are it:
  • Gets the boss out of the workplace/school for half a day
  • Offers some satisfaction in being able to give the boss a challenge
  • Keeps the team focussed and aligned towards one goal
  • Encourages team building and working together all for a good cause
  • Acknowledges the staff’s/student’s social benevolence
  • Public recognition and personal satisfaction for supporting an organisation with an outstanding reputation in caring for the families of ADF personnel since 1923

Nominate your boss

So that the family of those who gave their life or their health as a result of serving their country, never suffer financial or social disadvantage.

Three simple steps

Bosses can participate in Boss Bootcamp in 3 ways: BRAWN (tackling physical obstacles), BRAINS (take the intellectual challenge), or a combination of both. You can go it alone or form a workplace team of up to 4 people.

Register as a boss, staff can register their boss, or the workplace can register a team of 4.

Update your fundraising page with your profile, why you're taking the challenge, your goals and more.

Need tips to raise funds? View our Fundraising Tips page to get you started or contact us.

A unique opportunity to participate and test yourself or your team’s Brawn, Brains, or a combination of both, in a challenging but fun and engaging way with opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals.


    Our Defence Force

    The Australian Defence Force is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Australia. It consists of the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force and a number of ‘tri-service’ units. The ADF
    protect our freedom and our way of life.

    Away from home & family

    Whilst ADF members are deployed , their family back home does it tough, basically becoming a single parent family with all of the challenges that involves, along with the worry and stress of not knowing that their loved one (husband, wife, mother or father) will even return and if they do, if they will be be the same person they once knew.

    Immense Responsibilities

    As a member of the Navy, Army or Air Force you have immense responsibilities; your first priority of course is to defend Australia. This means you could be called upon to deploy to or near a combat zone, or find yourself supporting a peacekeeping mission, helping a community devastated by a natural disaster, or engaged in a search and rescue operation. Handling weapons and becoming combat proficient is just the start and ADF personnel are called upon to work long and irregular hours.

    Risking Their Lives

    The defence landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate, with potential threats coming from areas barely envisaged a decade ago.

    The ADF protects Australian interests well beyond our own borders. They have a presence in volatile situations in several countries, such as Iraq, Egypt, Israel and South Sudan; and more recently in Afghanistan and East Timor.

    Often, they are hospitalised through illness or injury whilst far away from their homes. Sadly, when a loved one dies there are many decisions and arrangements that the family left behind have to deal with.

    How legacy helps ADF Families

    Legacy provides caring and compassionate support for the families of our ADF. Legacy’s vision is that no dependant of those who have given their life or their health, as a result of serving their country, suffer any financial or social disadvantage. Legacy’s mission, is to care for the dependants of our deceased and incapacitated veterans.

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