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Merchandise is a great way to raise awareness and promote your participation in Boss Bootcamp.

Along with printing out the posters, sending out emails and posting on social media, merchandise is a tangible way to show your support for Legacy and your participation in Boss Bootcamp. Various merchandise items are available below.

Further merchandise information and merchandise terms & conditions are available in FAQ’s.

For added promotional value we have wristbands, balloons and tattoos in packs of 10 to purchase for use at fundraising events or for giveaways to your team members or your supporters.

Merchandise purchases will help to promote Boss Bootcamp. Unfortunately purchases cannot be added to your fundraising total, as money raised is purely a‘donation’ to which you receive a specific receipt to enable you to claim the donation on your tax.

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“The kids are extremely proud seeing their dad’s name on the memorial wall, but at the same time they do get very sad because he’s not here.”

“Sometimes my kids will have really, really rough periods: they’ll be really down. Then we’ll go do things with Legacy, either get-togethers or they will go on Legacy camps. They’ll talk to other kids who are in the same situation as them after losing a parent, and it makes a difference.”

Wendy Michaels

Legacy Client*

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