Bootcamp for schools

Boss Bootcamp for schools has the greatest potential for some real fun and fundraising - after all, the Teacher is a boss, the Principal is a boss and even the Coach is a boss. Raise funds to send just one to Bootcamp or to send them all. See which boss gets the most sponsorship and ends up raising the most money for Legacy.

The School community is a great place to hold fundraisers and events, getting the other teachers, coaches, staff, parents, and the local community involved will really create a great sense of fun, excitement and friendly competition.

How legacy Helps

Legacy Australia

Why register?

Participating in Boss Bootcamp is your School community’s chance to help Legacy families, by raising the much needed funds required to continue Legacy’s valuable services and support.

How do i start raising funds for legacy?

There are lots of resources available to help with your school’s fundraising – Check out our Fundraising tips

Fundraising is easy, if there is more than one boss competing, assign a teacher or prefects to captain each of the boss participants, so that all the schools events can be best coordinated. Or, if only one boss is participating, say the Principal, everyone can get working together to get the best results. Hey, why not set a challenge to the school down the road to see who can raise the most for Legacy?

Did you know the youth support which Legacy provides is often critical, and can make a real difference in the chances a young person has of a successful career and in life in general, chances which are often diminished by the loss of a parent, that's why fundraising for Legacy children by children, is so very special.

Why not even include a history lesson on Australia’s Wartime Heritage and find out how the concept of Legacy was formed and established way back in 1923.